Meetings (Seller and Buyer)

Ensure you check item quality to see if it meets your specification before you make payment and do not make payment electronically

Sellers: You are advised NOT to ask for payment before meeting with the buyer

Buyers: Don’t pay before delivery, always pay after delivery of the purchased item

Job Seekers:

Never pay anyone for a job, do a background check of any company or website thoroughly, do not go to a remote place or hideout for any job interview. NEVER you disclose your ATM PIN, bank account or other personal details to any person.

Avoid too much pleasantry and attractive offers in a quick time or hug money, they are mostly unrealistic

Fake Payments for services:

No individual accepts payment on behalf of ViewShopper, report any one who claims to offer such services.

Avoid request that involve the use of Western money transfer or Money-Gram and any other payment transfer as ViewShopper does not support such services

For further questions and clarifications. Contact us at