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Example of a Bumped Ad

Bump Up Ads

When you post your ad as a user, your ad goes down in the listings as more ads are posted,

User can take advantage of the Bump ad feature and bring his or her ad back up to the top of the first

Page, first in category and first in search result for more Views, user’s ad gets seen 10 times more!

Your Bumped Ads do not expire but when another user bumps his or her ads in the same category, your ads will move to the next, second position


Pay Per Post

The Pay Per Post is category based, it allows you to pay a specific amount in a particular category in order to boost  or promote your ads in that category for a limited time.

Pay Per Post allows you to pay a specific amount in a particular category in order to boost or promote your ads in that category for a limited time, but this is not compulsory, as you can post free on every category, so Pay Per Post applies to boosted or promoted ads only.

This is to balance the situation that dress seller should not pay the same amount to promote her wears as a car dealer or a rector who is into multi million Naira real estate business.

Example of Featured Ad


Premium Ads

Premium Ads are paid Ads and therefore displayed as FEATURED ADS on different locations, meaning when you subscribe for any of our PREMIUM PACKAGES available HERE your ads will be displayed as a Featured Ad on

You get all your Ads Featured. The number of Featured Ads you can post, expiry date/Duration in days of your Featured Ads, depends on the PREMIUM AD package you subscribe to, when you subscribe to a higher package, you get automatic Discount.


1) Because we place your Featured Ads on the first page and other locations

2) They are seen more than the Regular/Free ads

3) They sell faster because they have more views and are seen by more buyers

4) Premium Ads get 15 times more views than Regular/Free ads

5) Automatic renewal so you don’t have to do it manually.


1) Featured Slider – (Located on top of Homepage)

2) Advertisement Section – (Also located at the Homepage)

3) Category Pages – (Featured Ads Display first on Category pages)

4) Search Pages – (Featured Ads Display first on Search pages)

5) We also display Featured Ads on the Pricing Plans page

6) All Featured Ads page – (PREMIUM ADS is a page on ViewShopper, which is dedicated to display only Featured Ads, Buyers have confident and usually prefer to deal with sellers whose ads are available on this page because they are usually described as SERIOUS SELLERS, and any individual, who falls under this category of SERIOUS SELLERS are sellers who put extra effort in promoting their business)

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