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How to post an Ad on ViewShopper

Placing an ad on ViewShopper takes less time and is so easy to do. You can post ad now when you follow these steps

  1. Create account using A USERNAMEand your Email and log in;
  2. Click on “SUBMIT AD” button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Write information about your item by choosing the right category, pictures, title and description and your contact information.
  4. Click “PUBLISH AD” when you are satisfied.
  5. Click on “Preview your ad” to view your ad before posting.

Your ad will be reviewed and will send you an email informing you when the ad is live.

TO SELL FASTER, add good quality images of your items, a great title and description.

If you ads are post without getting sales, you can edit them.

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