How to easily Read and Clear car Fault Codes with OBD2 Scanner

Scanning your car with OBD2 scanner is simple. All you have to do is to follow the procedure below.
1). You have to turn off the power of your vehicle
2) Plug the scanner into the OBD2’s data link connector located under your car’s steering control.
3). Switch your car on and wait for the OBD2 scanner to boot up.
4). Allow the scanner to be ready, and connect by turning on the Bluetooth on your phone
5). After that, you have to allow the device to scan or read your vehicle’s diagnostic system.
6). After scanning all of your car’s systems, the OBD2 scanner will provide several codes or single trouble code.
7). Check these trouble-codes on the internet.
8). When you’re done, switch off your vehicle, and unplug your OBD2 scanner.

OBD Auto Doctor
InCarDoc Pro
Car Scanner ELM OBD2 App
Dash – Drive Smart
EOBD Facile
FIXD – Vehicle Health Monitor
Carly for BMW cars only

First download the FREE Android app on your phone, visit this link for the free app

This is the PRO (PAID) version have morefunction than the free version

See a list of other apps that you can try, check this list