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Flap Turnstile Automatic Counter BY HIPHEN SOLUTIONS

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Flap Turnstile Automatic Counter BY HIPHEN SOLUTIONS

Ad details

1. A compact electric and mechanical design with unique drive which ensure product durability and silent operation, and its self-lock mechanism can also well protect the access control security.
2.The flap barrier barriers have automatic detection for malfunctions, which will be convenient for customer to maintain and operate.
3.The flap barrier barriers have input interface that are available for dry contact and switch signal connections. So that customers can integrate the flap barrier with different system, like card reader, ticket system, token system etc.
4.The flap barrier barriers have auto delay closing function, after the flaps open if no pedestrian passes in a fixed time, the system will cancel the order and the auto-delay closing time is adjustable. The press button 1 and button 2 can adjust the delay closing time.
5.The flap barrier barriers can be integrated with fire control device, which allow the release on emergency for security consideration.
6.The flap barrier barriers have audible and visual alarm in case of unauthorized access, which can strengthen the entrance security.
7. Infrared photocells for safety access
8. Anti-reversing passing
9. Auto closing when power on
10. Auto open and free access when power off
11. Adjustable access directions
13. Traffic light indicating passenger access
14. Battery is needed.


RS Security Flap Barrier RS 688—can be compatible with IC card , ID card ,barcode card , fingerprint reading card recognition device used for staff, provide civilized , orderly access methods; effectively manage the access of staff . Can be widely used in the station, wharf subway , factories, office building , hotel , clubs, intelligent community , enterprises and institution that need intelligent access management.
Technical parameters
Material 304 stainless steel Model RS 688
Size 1500x300x990mm Input voltage 220V AC220±10%
Net weight 102kg/unit Arm length 260mm
Drive Motor 24V DC brush Max lane width 600
Transit speed 30-40 people/minute Arm material Acrylic or soft arm
Humidity 90%,no condensation Indication lamp Super bright LED
Close and open time 0.6S Top Cover Acrylic or stainless steel

Clear passage width


Sensor beams

5 pairs for 1 complete lane
Number of led lamp 3 pcs Service life 5000,000 times
Communication interface RS485 Temperature 10 below degree to 50 degree
Input interface dry contact signal or +12V level Signal,The pulse width less than 100ms or Dc12V pulse Signal,the drive current is greater than or equal to 10mA Work environment
Indoor and outdoor (shelter)

Fast way: by express courier, such as DHL, FeDex, UPS, TNT, EMS.
Cheap way: by air, by sea shipment.
Cheap way (small package): By China Post, should take 15-70days.

The Wing11 has a substantial, authoritative profile that works well in large lobby or entrance areas. The hand polished exterior satin stainless cladding is set off beautifully by the turnstile’s black solid surface acrylic lid.
In normal operating mode, when a valid credential is presented, the clear barriers quickly retract into the cabinet in approximately 25 seconds, creating a clear passageway for the user. As the user passes through the turnstile, the barriers either smoothly return to the closed position (ready for the next valid credential), or, if another credential has been presented, the barriers remain open for the next users’ passage. Called “stacking” of credentials, this feature supports high user throughput.
The barrier panels are controlled via DC motors through rotary encoder control that monitors panel position every 1/1200 of a second. The panel movement is quick, precise and constantly monitored for utmost safety.
User passage and detection is accomplished using Proud’s newest generation optics and sophisticated detection software. The Wing11 provides a near perfect blend of safety, security and operational functionality.

Use of the Wing11 is highly intuitive for users and staff. Illuminated status icons on the lid and audible sounds prompt users, and provide clear notification of card status. The various alarm conditions (e.g., unauthorized entry; loitering in lane; tailgating, etc.) are differentiated by light flashing patterns and through the use of sounds which differentiate depending on the type of alarm.

The Wing11 supports very rapid user throughput. The panels retract very quickly and optic processing is instantaneous. To further enhance throughput, the turnstile supports “stacking” of valid entries, meaning the turnstile can queue multiple valid entries without requiring the panels to cycle after each individual patron passage. Additionally, if a subsequent valid credential is presented during the barrier panel closing cycle, the arms stop in mid-cycle and immediately reopen; users do not need to wait until the opening/closing process completes. Depending on the application and response time of the access system used, throughput rates of up to 40 persons a minute can be reasonably expected.


The Wing11 has multiple passage modes. The turnstile can provide controlled operation in both directions (card in/card out). The turnstile can also provide controlled entry and free passage operation for environments where users are not required to “credential out” for exit. In free passage mode, users can walk directly into the passage lane at a normal pedestrian pace and the panels will automatically open without requiring the user to slow down. Individual turnstiles or select travel directions (e.g., entry as opposed to both entry and exit) can also be closed during off hours or slow periods.


The Wing11 optical turnstile is also highly effective at deterring and detecting unwanted entry. Proud’s sophisticated detection technology detects unauthorized access attempts and “tailgating” behind an authorized user. Lower crawl sensors detect crawl under attempts. In the event of an invalid entry or exit attempt, the turnstile lights and sounds notify the user and alert attendants. Additional notification outputs are also provided, allowing integration with remote alarms, door locks, CCTV or other devices.


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