Billing Policy

  1. We wish to inform Users that the Resource Admin is not responsible for the expectations and the results of the use of fee-based services
  2. Any result experienced by the site users from promoting services for the purpose of increasing of sales is not the responsibility of the Admin.
  3. The Administration offers Premium Plans and Bump Ad packages for promoting Users’ services. Bump ads are placed at the top over the ordinary ads. If a User orders for premium service, he/her ads are raised over all free ads. They will be displayed on the top and column of pages, and other sections and regions within the site.
  4. A User can order fee-based services at the address: or bump an ads from dashboard.
  5. The Resource Admin may charge a fee for Premium Plans and Bump Ad packages, which are Fee-Based Services. The fee enables promoting Users’ ads in a designated area of the Website where the ads are seen more by website users. Any user posting Paid Content is expected to adhere to the Content and compliance in the Terms & Conditions. Any such fees paid hereunder are non-refundable in the event any Content is removed from the Website for violating these Terms & Conditions, as well as when the User personally deactivates ads.
  6. At the expiration for which the User ordered fee-based service/promotion, he/she can pay for such services again, only when there is a need for such services, since the Resource Admin does not and will never automatically withdraw money from a user bank card, this option is not yet available. A delivery period for the Premium Ad package is subject to periods of between 1 month and 6 months period after the purchase date (the “Validity Period”). If the User does not use the Premium Ad package within the Validity Period, he/she will have to forfeit the right to initiate or use such package as there is no rights to refund, compensation or replacement.
  7. User shall be acquainted with prices for fee-based services and any change will be communicated in detailed information about prices for all services in relevant sections of the Resource.
  8. Methods of payment
    1. Fee-based services of the Resource can be paid for by means of a bank card (ATM card). When selecting a specific fee-based service the User will be automatically redirected on the processor’s checkout page for entering of bank card details. Measures have been put in place to make sure user’s information is secured
    2. The User can pay for fee-based services of the Resource by means of money transfer and cash on delivery only to the bank account provided by the Resource Admin on the basis of Resource Admin`s invoice.
  9. All data entered by the User on a processor’s checkout page are completely secured in accordance with the safety standards requirements. The Resource Admin receives only that information that relates to your payment. It is not available to the public.
  10. Cost of services ranges from ₦ 500 to ₦15.999 depending on the type of selected package and the duration of the ad. You can check the current cost of any package or service in your personal account by pressing “PACKAGES => PURCHASE ADS PLAN” buttons, or top right corner of any page of the site.
  11. The Resource Admin reserves a right to fix discounts occasionally on fee-based services especially during special seasons or events.
  12. The Resource Admin reserves a right occasionally to alternate cost and types of fee-based services, and introduce new packages. Additionally, the Admin is entitled to notify of such alternations on its own discretion.

Edited 11 August 2018