About Us

ViewShopper is one of the fastest growing African free online classifieds ad website.

What we do here is provide sellers a simple free solution to sell their products and services, and buyers a platform to buy almost anything as stipulated within our terms and conditions.

As a Seller:

  • You can post free Ads with clear images taken from the product;
  • You can update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum exposure and views thereby making selling more efficient;
  • You should be prepared to receive calls and messages only from real people, because we require every user to register.

As a Buyer:

  • You can buy anything posted on ViewShopper, simply call or send message to the Seller and agree on a place to meet and transact with Sellers directly;
  • Share your experience after a deal is closed.

We care about your security, we focused on security and we can resolve any issues in short period of time.

What are the rules required for posting adverts on ViewShopper

  1. All adverts you post must have a precise title.
  2. Every advert should contain only original images of the item. The Images should be taken by the seller and not downloaded from the Internet. The image should not have watermark, URL links or contact information.
  3. All advert of phones, cars and other tangible items must contain images.
  4. Always ensure you chose the appropriate category, as choosing a wrong one can prevent your advert from going live.
  5. Ensure the price of your items corresponds to the real prices of similar products posted by other sellers.
  6. All posted products and services must be located in the right region i.e. Country, State and Local Government.
  7. All items and products must be available and legally permitted in your Country before posting your ad.
  8. Each item for sale must be posted separately. You cannot post several products within one and the same advert.
  9. Make sure every advert contains a brief and clear description.

What items are prohibited on ViewShopper

  1. Equipment for games of chance e.g. Baba Ijebu, Lottery & Slot machines
  2. Credit card, Coupons and vouchers
  3. Free items such as free to air decoders, free browsing gadgets and free item which are ought to be paid for
  4. Digital goods without ownership right e.g. eBooks and vouchers in electronic form
  5. Ammunitions, Firearms and Weapons which require a permit or legal authorization are not permitted
  6. Any form of explicit or adult content or services in a form
  7. Pirated copies of any type such as software, duplicates or “backup copies” or audiovisual items, including memory cards or other storage devices. e.g. DVDs, CDs and books
  8. Any Image downloaded from the internet such as stock images are not allowed.
  9. Smoking related products such as hard drugs, tobacco and others
  10. Derivatives and fireworks
  11. Alcoholic beverages of any type and form
  12. Every forms of medications
  13. Images and selfies that have no relation to the posted item
  14. Get rich quick and Pyramid schemes also multi-level marketing
  15. Any kind of animals considered to be endangered under any local or international laws
  16. Any form of affiliate Program, rewards or commissions or business partnerships
  17. All how to make money offers and work from home schemes
  18. Misleading ads seeking for donations or help for any individual.
  19. Any advert on sale of any Human organ is highly prohibited
  20. Ads from counterfeits Replicas and minors
  21. All ads or services offering the exchange or money transaction either online or offline on any legal tender is not allowed.
  22. Black Power, magic of any kind, Horoscopes or Voodoo is prohibited.